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Know the Nurses: Arlun Saelee

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Today in Know the Nurses we’re introducing you to one of our private duty nurses, Arlun Saelee, RN, BSN, who has been with PHS since May 2012 . We already know these nurses provide comprehensive, round-the-clock care for patients in their homes every day, but here are a few fun facts about Arlun you might not know.

A photo from Arlun’s recent Hawaii trip

  • Working at PHS has opened my eyes to another generation – pediatrics. Prior to this I only worked with adults and now I’ve grown a passion for working with kiddos.
  • I love to travel – I just came back from Hawaii a few weeks ago; visited family and relaxing at the beach was the best part! I’ve been to Las Vegas, California (San Francisco, San Diego and L.A.) and Florida (Ft. Myers and Orlando). My next trip is to Chicago in May.
  • I attended college at Minnesota State University, Mankato, where I obtained my BSN.
  • I am a proud pet owner to my 18 month old miniature dachshund, Sophie.
  • I love playing sports – or attempt to! My favorite sport is volleyball.
  • My favorite season is spring because of my birthday, the beautiful weather and the blooming flowers.
  • I am the youngest of 5 and only girl.
  • I went into nursing because I had a passion to care for others and helping others has always made me feel good. I enjoy knowing I can help to make a difference in someone’s life, and seeing them develop and accomplish goals is so rewarding.
  • I have 9 nieces and nephews; and two more on the way! I am a very proud aunt.
  • I am a fan of Minnesota sports teams – the Twins, Vikings, and Timberwolves

    Arlun spends time with her nieces and nephews

  • I am also a big UNC basketball fan – go Tarheels!
  • I was born in Thailand – someday I would love to travel there and see where I came from.
  • I speak two languages – English and my native language, Laotion.
  • The most adventurous thing I’ve done is para-sailing on spring break last year in Ft. Myers, FL.
  • Being a nurse is so rewarding and brings tons of joy to me.

We love learning more about private duty nurses and hearing their stories. Do you know a PHS nurse who you’d like to see highlighted? 

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Music brings hope for Faith’s Lodge

Friday, April 5th, 2013

On Friday, March 22nd, a crowd of Faith’s Lodge supporters gathered at the Fine Line Music Café for Hope Thrives, an evening dedicated to celebrating this amazing non-profit organization and the important resources it provides for families who are facing the serious illness or death of a child. While the Ben Johnson Band raised the roof, Faith’s Lodge raised money – $3500, to be exact – that will go towards helping families who need the healing and restorative powers of this space in Danbury, Wisconsin.

Faith’s Lodge and PHS have been longtime partners, and a lot of events and opportunities that we’ve participated in together have been featured on this blog. We see such a strong connection between what they do and what we do – bringing care to families with a medically-complex child. Whether that is medical or emotional, a more complete circle of care is provided when Faith’s Lodge and PHS are involved – and that means the best outcomes for the families and the patients.

With all of this in mind, we were happy to present this evening of music, dance and reflection for an organization whose mission we see as such a crucial service for families as they navigate the ups and downs of dealing with a complex medical condition. Guests watched a video that told the stories of families who had been impacted by Faith’s Lodge firsthand, a touching piece you can see here, between sets by the band. Everyone had a great time cutting a rug, and it was all for a wonderful cause that will have a meaningful impact on those who need Faith’s Lodge for retreat and reflection in the future.

Have you or someone you know been impacted by Faith’s Lodge? We’d love to hear about your time there.

Know the Nurses: Kate Joseph

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Today we’re kicking off Know the Nurses with one of our private duty nurses, Kate Joseph, RN, BSN, who has been with PHS since August 2012. We already know these nurses provide comprehensive, round-the-clock care for patients in their homes every day, but here are a few fun facts about Kate you might not know.


Kate, forever a Jayhawk, on the right

  • I went to the University of Kansas for three years but received my RN, BSN from Avila University in Kansas City, MO. Although I did not graduate from KU, I will always be a Jayhawk through and through!
  • I have a dog named Benny. He is a Maltese mix who I have had for six years. I soon plan on getting another puppy, but am waiting for the right time.
  • I love to travel – I would honestly go anywhere. Just pick a spot on any map and I am there!
  • In the summer time (or when the weather permits), you will find me boating on the lake.
  • I have a HUGE fear of heights, but while I was in Mexico recently I was given the opportunity to face my fear head on and went para sailing! It was one of the coolest things I have ever done, and I was proud of myself for not letting my fear get in the way of such an amazing experience.

    Kate enjoys the sunshine as a kid

  • My New Year’s Resolution was to say “yes” more to things that I would not typically do.
  • I am obsessed with reality TV – it was made for people like me, I just eat it up.
  • I am afraid of needles, which probably sounds crazy since I am a nurse. I get queasy at the sight of them when they are pointed in my direction – I have been known to make a scene when getting a shot or an IV. I think that my fear of needles helps me be a more sympathetic nurse with my kiddos at work.
  • I have an addiction to Diet Coke; you will almost always see me with one in my hand or nearby.
  • A fellow private duty nurse and friend was the one who told me about PHS, and I am so thankful that she did.

    Kate, right, volunteering with Sharing Care

  • I think that laughter is truly some of the best medicine out there.
  • I believe that the best reward for my job is getting a hug from one of my patients. It just lets me know that it is all worth it at the end of the day.
  • My favorite quote is by Dr. Seuss in the Lorax – “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

We love learning more about private duty nurses and hearing their stories. Do you know a PHS nurse who you’d like to see highlighted?

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A Groovy Evening for Spare Key

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

When a child is in the hospital, most parents can’t imagine being anywhere but next to them, providing essential support and care that only a mother or father can. But when the visit turns into multiple days, and even weeks, a parent will have to make an impossible decision: do they go to work to make money and keep up with their financial obligations, or stay at the hospital with their child, losing the income they need? Thanks to Spare Key, families can focus on their child’s illness or injury rather than their mortgage –as the mission explains, they are ‘Helping Families Bounce and Not Break.’

This non-profit organization, which provides housing grant assistance in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, was started in 1997 after a family found themselves in that situation and were fortunate enough to have those around them raise money to help pay their mortgage. Lucky to spend precious time with their son before he passed away, they vowed to help other families in this situation keep their homes and founded Spare Key. Over 15 years later, they are continually expanding – and the Groove gala on March 2 proved it.

With over $65,000 raised throughout the evening, Spare Key shared plans to pay 600 mortgages in the upcoming year and announced their great successes from the previous one. This deserved a celebration, and a performance by Martin Zellar was just the way to do it. PHS staff and family donned pink along with many other attendees and perused the auction, enjoyed the food and danced to Neil Diamond covers, knowing the evening was dedicated to a mission that both PHS and Spare Key share – keeping families together at home.

Sharing Care Joins the Fight for Air

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

On Saturday, February 23rd, ten PHS volunteers climbed 30 flights of stairs at the Accenture Tower in Minneapolis for the American Lung Association Fight for Air Climb. As an event that happens around the country to raise money for improved lung health and lung disease prevention through research, clean air initiatives and educational programs, Sharing Care was happy to get involved in this cause along with over 800 participants across the state.

PHS respiratory therapists use the most advanced technologies every day to help our patients breathe easy at home, and joining alongside organizations like the American Lung Association means supporting the opportunity for everyone to have improved lung health and care.

The event, raising over $240,000, included a firefighter climb which involved fire departments taking on all 30 flights dressed in complete gear with oxygen tanks on their back. We were pretty impressed, since our team thought getting up all 660 stairs was pretty difficult without any of the additional accessories. But mostly, we were proud to go above and beyond our fundraising goal and see so many other people coming to support this cause.

Martindales: Raising 10 Children Takes Faith

Friday, February 8th, 2013
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All of the Martindale children

For many years, PHS has partnered with Faith’s Lodge – a peaceful retreat for people coping with a serious illness or death of a child. And for one PHS family, Faith’s Lodge was an integral part of their recovery process after losing a son and has continued to serve as a resource as they raise 10 children, some medically-complex. The Martindale family leads an extraordinary life, and mom Julie blogs about it at Not Just an Ordinary Life.

The Beginning of Their Journey

The Martindale’s adventure began with the birth of their first son, Tyler, who is now 21 and lives in Kenya.  After their daughter McKenna was born with disabilities, Julie and Mark remember realizing how many children there are who have disabilities and need homes. ­­­­­

“We first adopted Aaron, who is now 21 and has cerebral palsy. He’s the happiest kid around, so he made caring for kids with special needs look easy,” Julie says. She and Mark then adopted Hope, now 18, Jordan, 16, and Brennan, 14. All have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Thinking they were done adopting, Kaden, now 8 years old, changed their minds. At 8 months old, his prognosis was that he would never walk.

Today, Kaden deals with FAS and ADHD and a few other conditions. And his prognosis was right: he doesn’t walk; he runs! He no longer uses a wheelchair.­­­

Precious Time at Home

Pediatric Home Service, PHS, private duty nursing, FAS, infusion therapy, respiratory therapy, homecareRight after Kaden joined the Martindale family, his brother Evan was born addicted to cocaine and meth. The hospital asked Julie and Mark to take care of this baby with a trach and ventilator, “so we got trained, ready and brought him home,” Julie remembers. “This is the first time we were exposed to PHS, who guided us through every step. He came home at 13 months, and was with us for about three weeks before going into cardiac arrest.”

Evan passed away at the hospital the next day. But as Julie explains, “Without PHS, Evan never would have come home. As hard as it was, it was so amazing and miraculous that he came to us; we were able to give him a family. We knew it was meant to be, and that he was supposed to come home.”

Gaining Strength

Mark and Julie then adopted Elijah, now 6. Diagnosed with Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome, the doctors explained to them that he would die without a bone marrow transplant, but wasn’t strong enough to live through one – they recommended taking him home, loving him, and hoped he’d get strong enough to handle a transplant. And at 5 years old, he did.

Chatty Little LadyPediatric Home Service, PHS, private duty nursing, FAS, respiratory therapy, infusion therapy, tracheostomy

Then Maisy was adopted, and came home on a ventilator 23 hours a day. 27 surgeries later, this spunky 5 year old has a pacemaker and still deals with FAS, but has been weaned off her vent and was decannulated when she was 3.

“Within about 15 minutes, she started talking, and she has not stopped,” says Julie.

Finding the Right Cares

The youngest Martindale, Isaac, is now 3. Healthy at birth, he contracted a virus at 10 days old that attacked his brain and after being shifted around foster homes, he ended up finding a place to call home with the Martindale family. Now, Isaac has grown into a happy, interactive boy after finding the care that fit his needs. “So Isaac is our last. But we’ve said that before,” Julie says with her calm smile.

“PHS was in our home at the hardest times of our lives, getting us set up to care for kids with special medical needs. Faith’s Lodge was our home when we needed time to grieve and heal.  PHS and Faith’s Lodge both help our family thrive,” Julie says.

And we’re so happy to be with them on their journey.

From a gala to the kitchen, Sharing Care is everywhere

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Children’s Lighthouse Homerun Gala

PHS has partnered with Children’s Lighthouse of MN for the past 3 years. We’ve sponsored their annual festival, participated in NovemBEAR and helped to spread the word of their amazing cause. So when we were approached to participate in their first Gala, we jumped at the opportunity. The event took place on January 18, 2013 at the McNamera Alumni Center on the University of Minnesota Campus. The event was MC’d by Brian “BT” Turner of K-TWIN radio (96.3) and there were performances of some scenes from the Ashland Productions “Damn Yankees” that is currently performing at the Maplewood Community Center as well as great jazz music performed by The Reid Kennedy Trio.

The big announcement of the evening was the partnership between The Harmon Killebrew Hospice Home for Kids Fund and Children’s Lighthouse. The late Harmon Killebrew had a passion for children, working with organizations such as the Miracle League, where he was able to share his love of baseball with medically-complex children. In addition to his passion for children, Harmon and his wife Nita felt strongly about the need for hospice care for all ages. Currently, there is no hospice home in the Midwest that focuses on children. Nita sees the Harmon Killebrew Hospice Home for Kids Fund as a way to extend Harmon’s passion for hospice and children by donating to Children’s Lighthouse of MN.

PHS was proud to be a sponsor of the evening and is excited to see the continued success of Children’s Lighthouse of MN and looks forward to the day when the  home is built and can open its doors to a community that truly needs this resource.

Cook for Kids at Ronald McDonald House Minneapolis

What to eat for dinner is quite possibly the last thing on your mind when you have a sick child in the hospital. For that very reason PHS has been partnering with Ronald McDonald House to purchase food, prepare and serve dinner to the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House Minneapolis- inside Children’s Hospital.  On January 25th ten PHS volunteers had a great time serving breakfast for dinner again at the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis on January 25th. Over 60 mom’s, dad’s, brother’s, sister’s and grandma’ and grandpa’s filled up their plates with pancakes, fruit salad, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. We made sure no one went hungry and look forward to our next time at RMHC in March.

Who doesn’t want to win $100?

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

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PHS understands that you are very busy so we work hard to ensure we’re efficient and clear in all of our communications. As  more and more people turn to email as their primary method of communication we want to stay on top of the best way to keep in contact with our families.

We respect your privacy and hate spam just as much as you do. We will not lend, sell, or rent your email address to anyone, so you never have to worry that your e-mail address would ever be used outside of our business.

Call PHS anytime over the next three months with your child’s name and your email address and we’ll enter you into a monthly drawing for a $100.00 visa gift card as our way of saying thank you for keeping our database up-to-date.

Good luck!

PHS Medical Director Joins Spare Key Board of Directors

Monday, January 7th, 2013

PHS is excited to announce that our Medical Director Roy Maynard, M.D., has joined the Spare Key Board of Directors.  Dr. Maynard will provide insight and guidance to the nonprofit organization as it continues to assist families and expand its network.

Spare Key has been helping the community for the past 16 years by providing mortgage payments for families who have seriously ill or critically injured children in the hospital, to better ensure parents will be able to remain present and active in their children’s care.

With the parallels in mission, the partnership between Pediatric Home Service and Spare Key that has existed for 3 years will be made stronger with Dr. Maynard joining the board. PHS’s Sharing Care community outreach program has partnered with Spare Key through monetary donations, participation in their annual fundraiser, The Groove, and earlier this year with the fun and unique experience to ‘Pedal to the Max‘, pedaling a 10 man bike for 24 hours straight.

“PHS and Spare Key have always had a natural connection through their common goal – keeping families together,” said Dr. Maynard. “As more patients are receiving their medical care at home, I look forward to collaborating with other members of the board to expand the opportunities Spare Key has to serve families in the area.”

As the organization moves forward, and with the input of Dr. Maynard, it plans to adjust the eligibility guidelines to include patients who are being treated through homecare as well as those who are in the hospital.


Home for the Holidays

Friday, December 21st, 2012

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It can be easy to get caught up in the festivities and excitement centered around this time of year. All of the countless errands, the parties, the cookies, and the presents to buy. But ultimately all of that leads to the most important part of the holiday season, spending time with your loved ones.

Thinking about our jobs here at Pediatric Home Service I am overcome with gratitude. I am grateful for the role we get to play in our families lives. Every single person in PHS from the warehouse, to the pharmacy, the administrative team, to the billers, play a role in safely getting medically-complex children out of the hospitals and at home with their family. This transition from hospital to home  is a miracle every time that it happens, but I believe the holidays give everyone around here that little extra boost of motivation to get kids home in time for the special day. There is nothing like having everyone at home celebrating and making lifelong memories.

We understand this transition can be scary and overwhelming for our families and we want to thank you for putting your trust in PHS to be a part of your extended family on this journey. We recognize how special it is to have your child at home with you. And we feel blessed to be a part of that. Enjoy your holidays and know that your child’s safety and comfort is our #1 goal and we are never more than a phone call away. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I know I speak for everyone at PHS when I say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a very blessed New Year to each and everyone of you.