Our nurses. Your home.

When you bring your child home from the hospital, we come with you. In fact, we're usually already there, with all the equipment and support you need to ensure your child gets the best possible care and highest level of comfort.
  • Our Home Care nurses provide round-the-clock care, if necessary, or scheduled visits as required or deemed appropriate by your doctor.
  • All PHS extended-care, Home Care nurses are licensed trained and experienced in the specialized discipline of caring for young patients.
  • Training includes comprehensive pediatric assessments, equipment competency, emergency response and CPR certification.
Our Home Care nurses are supported by the full services PHS offers, including:
We're there when you need us, and just as importantly, we understand the challenges of having a non-family member in your home. Our nurses are trained to respect family boundaries and adjust to the dynamics of every home.

"That's everybody's goal at PHS, is to make the families lives easier."

Becca Pasch