Prescribed pediatric extended care for children with medical complexity – the solution Minnesota needs.

Prescribed pediatric extended care (PPEC) is a proven, innovative model that will improve access to care for families seeking an alternative choice to prolonged hospital stays when nursing is unavailable.

What is a PPEC?

  • A center that provides nursing services and support to children with a medical complexity for up to 12.5 hours per day
  • A dependable, safe alternative to home care nursing
  • A team approach to care by combining trained caregivers and registered nurses to care for the child
  • A holistic approach to caring for a child with medical complexity
  • A place to provide ongoing family training and build confidence for the child’s transition off of services and into the community

Why a PPEC?

  • Patients want to discharge from the hospitals and need dependable care options
  • Provides cost savings to the state as compared to prolonged hospital stays due to lack of nursing
  • It is an innovative solution to the healthcare workforce crisis
  • Creates career growth opportunities for direct care workers
  • This model is used in states across the U.S.

States Where a PPEC Facility Currently Exists

Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, and Wisconsin

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a PPEC help integrate the child into the community?

It allows a child to discharge from a hospital institution to their home with their  family.

The facility not only supports the child’s medical needs, but their social,  educational (pre-k), and developmental needs to help them become more independent in their communities.

How many hours does a child spend at the PPEC?

This varies for each child and is determined by the physician.

The facility will be open for a maximum of 12.5 hours per day to accommodate  parent work schedules, as well as before and after school options.

How long will a child use PPEC services?

The length of time a child uses this service varies for each child based on their  ongoing need for medical interventions as determined by their physician.

Each child is reassessed on a regular interval with the goal for many to graduate  from the program. Some of the more medically complex children may have an ongoing need.

Does a child have to choose between the PPEC or Home Care Nursing to receive their nursing care?

The facility provides an additional option to receive services in a community-based setting.

The physician and parent may choose PPEC, home care nursing, or a  combination to best meet the needs of each child.