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Community Resources Following Devastation of Cities Across the Country


We want our patients and staff to be able to lean on PHS for information in these times of need. We are committed to helping our cities to rebuild. Rebuilding happens through access to information and resources, education and learning, as well as physical clean-up efforts.  



Last week we shared how we are working to support our patients and their families.  This blog is intended to share lists of resources to meet the needs of the broader community in accessing support organizations in each community where we have an office location. 


PHS has always provided diversity training and education, practiced recruiting and hiring that is intended to ensure visibility of positions to all variety of individuals, and invited educational speakers to increase our compassion toward and understanding of the diverse population we serve and work with.  We will continue to do these things, with a focus on doing even more because it is not enough.  As our guiding principles state, we will continue to get better every day; we will not stop learning and improving. 


In addition to resources and education, money is needed to rebuild our cities that we all call homePHS is making a monetary donation to organizations focused on rebuilding the community and supporting racial equality in each city where we have an office location:  

  • Covington, KY – We are proud to support Be Concerned, one of the largest free food pantries in Northern KY. Our Covington branch has supported this location for years and it was the perfect fit when we were looking for a location that was making an impact in the community.  
  • Dallas, TX-  Communities Foundations of TX believes that in order for the city to thrive, they must promote relationship building and policies that are equitable to the whole community. Our Dallas branch is proud to make a donation that will help drive their efforts.  
  • Houston, TX -Eliminate racism. Empower women. Now that is a mission we can get behind. As an organization with a female CEO, we love the opportunity to support the YWCA of Houston in their efforts.  
  • Milwaukee, WI – With a variety of programs focused on providing high-quality, healthy food to those in need through Milwaukee and the surrounding communities, the Hunger Task Force is doing so much good. 
  • Minneapolis and St. Paul, MNWe Love Lake Street is focusing all donations to support the small business in their efforts of reopening and reestablishing business. The riot activity in MN hit this area particularly hard and PHS is proud to support these entrepreneurs in their efforts.  

While none of us have all the answers, we are eager to learn from each other and grow not only as individuals but as an organization. We will continue to communicate without fear. We are proud to be a part of the fabric of the communities we serve.  If you know of other resources that should be added to this list, please send us a message or comment on the blog and we will review/update.  

Milwaukee Office

Houston Office

Dallas Office

Covington Office

We know this is an ever-evolving situation. We are here to support our patients, their families, and our staff through this time. Please contact your clinician or customer service with any questions.
Originally published: June 2, 2020

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