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Eliminating Paperwork for Health Care Providers With DocuSign

We know that as a busy health care provider, you like spending your time focusing on patients – not paperwork.  We’re always searching for new and innovative solutions to make communication more efficient and your job easier, and electronic signature capabilities through DocuSign do just that.  

To sign up for DocuSign, all you need is an email address. Contact your local Outreach Representative and let them know you’re interested – from there, you’re set!  The whole process takes only seconds.

Sign and return from anywhere

When we need to obtain your signature for an order through DocuSign, you will receive an email with the document requiring review and sign off. With a few clicks, you can open, review, sign with your initials, click to e-sign, and send the file back — all from the convenience of a web browser or mobile device. Using DocuSign ensures a secure and authentic signature transaction.

Changes to the order? No problem.

If you review the order and notice something isn’t right, you have a few options. At the bottom of the document, ‘Decline to Sign’ allows you to enter a reason for declining and send that back.

Ready to sign?

By clicking ‘sign’ at the bottom of the order, you will be automatically directed to a page where you can electronically sign your confirmation.

Keep records automatically

Each emailed party gets a certified PDF of the signed document via email. If a signed copy of the document is needed by an additional party, there are two options – either an additional email address can be copied, or a Secure File Transfer Protocol can directly transfer the document into a folder on your secure network.

Improving to make the process easier

If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding electronic signatures or DocuSign, please let us know. We always want processes to work as efficiently as possible for you, so your feedback ensures we’re providing what works. Please don’t hesitate to contact PHS to get started today 800-225-7477.

Originally published: January 7, 2015

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