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Saying Farewell to Minneapolis Receptionist Lynda

If you have ever called the Minneapolis PHS office, you likely had the opportunity to speak with the encouraging, optimistic, compassionate receptionist who became one of the most recognizable voices at the company with sayings like “awesome day!” and “awesome rich blessings!”

But now, after 19 years of helping families and her co-workers alike, we’re preparing to say farewell to the irreplaceable Lynda Jennrich as she embarks on adventures in a new state with her family. And while we could go on and on listing our favorite things about Lynda or the immeasurable number of ways she has made a difference in the lives of those around her, we wanted to take some time to sit down and hear from her what these years with PHS have meant to her.

Our favorite Lynda-isms will surely be missed, but you can rest assured the same level of support, compassion, and care will continue on the other end of the line when you call PHS. And until October 1, you just might have the chance to talk to Lynda herself and wish her well.

We will miss you, Lynda!


Originally published: September 20, 2021