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Enteral Connectors, Part 2: Changes to Expect

You can find part 1 in our blog series about changes to enteral connectors here

Anyone who has an active enteral order with PHS recently received a letter in the mail regarding changes coming to feeding tube supply connectors, or enteral connectors. These changes coming up are meant to increase patient safety and reduce the risk of misconnections while creating international consistency. Want to learn more about the steps being taken? See our previous blog on the updates.

While it isn’t anticipated that these changes will happen until 2015, we want to ensure that you are prepared for the change, and are comfortable asking any questions or learning more. We will continue to update you as we learn more information, and know that you can always contact us at 651-642-1825 or to find answers to any questions you may have regarding enteral connectors. Our clinicians want to be sure you understand how these change will impact you personally prior to the process taking place.

Here are the changes you can expect to see – they will be made one at a time, and in the order they’re listed:

Product Update Feeding Tube Supply Connectors (ID 4637)

Originally published: October 27, 2014

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