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A founding member retires as one of the best in home care

When Sandi Maguire left her hospital job in 1987, she did so with a curiosity of what patients’ lives looked like after they went home following an acute trauma or illness – a question that connected her with others who had a similar perspective. They eventually became the founders of PHS, and she didn’t look back.

But last week as she prepared to retire after more than 25 years of dedication to this company she helped create, Sandi went out with quite a title to hang her hat on – Minnesota Home Care Professional of the Year, given by the Minnesota Home Care Association (you can see the press release announcing her win here). A fitting accolade considering the impact she has had on thousands of children with medical complexities who are living at home thanks to the tireless dedication Sandi had for this population.

A visionary in a new field

Sandi has been a pioneer in developing solutions for pediatric patients who need ICU-level care but are stable enough to receive it at home – a concept that was revolutionary when PHS opened its doors in 1990. By helping patients experience life at home with their families instead of in a hospital bed, those who interacted minimally in the hospital setting were coming home and thriving.

The founders of what started as Pediatric Home Respiratory ServiceFrom stories of Sandi delivering a generator in the back of her van when a family was without power to memories of adapting ventilators for the home that were designed for hospital use, her creativity and determination to help children succeed at home was unparalleled.

Sandi’s ability to keep each child at the forefront of her personal focus and the mission of the company has played a part in building what PHS stands for – a task that may not have always been easy as she worked to build a new company and eventually, a new service line.

Expanding care in the home

Another monumental accomplishment during Sandi’s years at PHS is undoubtedly the role she played in the development, launch, and growth of our home care nursing service.

Sandi with PHS Home Care Nursing staff member Steve MoehrleWhen she was overseeing the respiratory and infusion departments in 2011, Susan Wingert (owner and founder of PHS) asked Sandi to be the Director of Nursing in this new service – another opportunity that saw immediate demand from families and providers, and expanded on the comprehensive care model PHS provides.

While the home care nursing field as a whole has seen its fair share of hurdles and complications, Sandi’s ability to respond to the challenges and road blocks is a testament to her character, her strength, and her determination to help some of the most complex children in the state.

In three words

Sandi Maguire, a founder at Pediatric Home ServiceDetermination. Compassion. Enthusiasm. Three words that describe how Sandi set out with a question almost 30 years ago and went on to play an integral role in building a home care company that today has helped children jump hurdles, defy odds, and grow up to be amazing adults.

Sandi will be deeply missed as she retires – not only by her colleagues, but by the families who have come to know her and the providers who have witnessed her determination and dedication firsthand.

We cannot think of anyone more deserving of the title Home Care Professional of the Year – enjoy your fun filled years ahead, Sandi! You know where to find us if you change your mind.

Originally published: May 19, 2016