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How to Unclog Feeding Tubes With a Clog Zapper

If your child uses a feeding tube, you know it helps conveniently provide necessary nutrition and sometimes medications. But not when it’s clogged. Clogged feeding tubes interrupt important feedings and can cause frustration and discomfort. To keep lines clear, PHS and many of our families use the Clog Zapper.

Clog Zapper is convenient and easy to use.  In this video, PHS Dietitian Janelle Peterson, RD, LD, CNSD, takes you step-by-step through using the product to keep your child on track and avoid replacing feeding tubes.

Thanks, Janelle!

Find other helpful video on the PHS YouTube channel.

Have you used Clog Zapper or other tube clog production? Any tips to share? We’d love to hear about it.

Originally published: April 28, 2011
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  • Alavigne
    Reply to AlavigneComment ID#: 355

    Cool product. Is this something that I should have on hand- my son has a mick-tube?

    • Reply to Pediatric Home ServiceComment ID#: 356

      Hi Alavigne,
      Janelle, one of our PHS Dietitian recommends that if patients have jtubes that the family have a clog zapper in the home. But for Gtubes we do not recommend having one on hand unless the family has had issues with clogging in the tube before. Thanks for the question and don’t hesitate to contact PHS with further questions.

  • barbara
    Reply to barbaraComment ID#: 357

    Good, informative video but one question: Should the water be warm?

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