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Infusion Nurse Brings Care Full Circle With IV Antibiotics Training at His Childhood School

Every day, kids fill the seats at their school’s nurse’s office where these healthcare professionals provide care, perform health screenings, and serve as a liaison between school personnel, families, and community providers. And in one school, 13 year old Jack has taken school nursing care a step further.

After developing a bone infection in his toe, Jack needed daily IV antibiotic treatments – and thanks to the capabilities of his school nurse and training from PHS infusion nurse Patrick Collins, he was able to receive that without the additional stress of missing school for appointments or administrations.

Familiar stomping grounds

Patrick changes Jack's bandagesWhen Jack started receiving infusion therapy from PHS, his nurse Patrick was in familiar territory – it was the middle school he attended as a child.

“The health assistant at the middle school had been working at the school for about 20 years, so she was there when I was a student. Although I probably shouldn’t admit this, I remember faking a stomach ache to go home,” laughed Patrick.

Today, Patrick plays an instrumental role in helping Jack gets the care he needs without having to go home or to the clinic.

IV training for school caregivers

The district nurse can now provide care for Jack after receiving IV trainingWhen Jack initially started IV antibiotics, he stayed home from school to receive his doses – but thanks to the collaboration with the school and district nurse Krista, Patrick trained her on how to administer the antibiotics and managing IV therapies for Jack.

Thanks to this teamwork of nurses and healthcare professionals working together to provide care, Jack was able to receive the highest level of care from a nurse trained by PHS staff and Patrick came to the school once a week for a bandage change.

Today, Jack has completed his antibiotic infusion therapy and can keep going to school without the daily stops at the nurse’s office for a dose of medication.

There for the whole journey

Whether a patient needs short-term antibiotic infusions like Jack or lifelong enzyme replacement therapy, PHS is there throughout the whole process and trains other caregivers when necessary to help provide the highest level of comprehensive care.

When children are able to attend school, be active in their communities, and be at home with their families, they do the best and have the best outcomes. Our mission is to do what is necessary to help make sure that can happen.

Originally published: January 6, 2017

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