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Joe’Von Thrives at Home

Joe’Von is like most kids his age
And that’s what makes him remarkable.
He likes to watch cartoons, play in the yard and pick on his twin sister. In that much, at least, he’s a fairly typical preschooler. You wouldn’t have imagined it, though, had you met him the day he was born.

Joe’Von came into this world at 28 weeks and with short bowel syndrome, which means he didn’t have enough intestinal length to properly absorb nutrients. Doctors believed he’d never eat like the rest of us. In other words, that he wouldn’t be able to sustain himself with food.

Couldn’t eat or even look at pictures of food
Joe’Von’s aversion to eating kept him not only from the kitchen table, but also from being able to watch people eating on television or looking at photos of food in magazines. It also meant TPN and g-tube feeding directly into of his stomach. Long term, that could mean liver failure.

Out of the hospital so he can grow up at home
PHS private-duty nurses, infusion therapists, dietitians and other highly trained in-home caregivers have given Joe’Von the opportunity to thrive where’s he’s most comfortable—at home.

So far, he’s doing great. With PHS nursing care 12 hours a day, six days a week, Joe’Von is slowly being weaned off TPN. He’s learned to walk, run and play, and even dances and does karate. He’s gaining weight and beginning to experiment with food—putting grapes in his mouth, though not yet eating them. It is hoped, however, that he’ll eat on his own someday and grow up like any other kid.

PHS is excited to have just wrapped up our newest TV commercial too, check it out! It’s so important for families to know they have a choice in their homecare company and PHS is always here to help bring your child home and keep them home. Given the choice, kids will always choose to thrive, and PHS makes that possible.

Have you seen the TV commercial air yet? What do you think?

Originally published: January 13, 2012