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Welcome to PHS Thrive, Pediatric Home Service’s blog on all things related to pediatric home healthcare for children with medical complexities.

Do you have a child with a complex medical condition? Are you and your family facing the challenges of caring for a technology-dependent child at home? Would you like to share a success story about the rewards of caring for your medically-fragile child? Are you a health care professional providing services for technology-dependent infants, children and adolescents?

This is a forum for you.

Learn and contribute

We encourage you to visit often to:

  • Hear advice and insight from pediatric home health care experts,
  • Get news ranging from the latest research to equipment updates to health care legislation,
  • Connect with other families facing similar challenges by sharing information and providing support, and
  • Share the joy you experience caring for your child with special medical needs.

In addition to sharing advice, solutions and news, this is a place to celebrate the achievements of children who overcome enormous medical obstacles to live full and happy lives at home, with their families. Children like Tana.

Meet one of our patients

Born with spina bifida and other illnesses, Tana has fought for life, but loved every minute of it, says mom, Jill.

Her advice: “Don’t be afraid to bring your child home. Don’t be afraid to encourage your child to live a normal life with whatever medical condition they have.”

Read more about Tana.

Share your stories

Do you have a child like Tana? Or a story to share, a question to ask, or a comment to make?

Are there particular topics or issues you suggest we address in the PHS Thrive blog?

We’d love to hear from you. What’s on your mind?

Originally published: July 8, 2010