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Complex Respiratory Needs Don’t Prevent Austin From Creating Masterpieces

PHS patient Austin doesn’t just paint pictures – he creates incredible pieces of art that look like they could sell for thousands of dollars and hang as the focal point of a living room. 

“I have had so many people ask me for copies of his paintings that they can display. I’ll need to start charging soon to cover my costs!” laughs Austin’s mom, Ruth.

Austin has been a part of the PHS family for more than 19 years after being diagnosed with hypophosphatasia as an infant, and has had a PHS respiratory therapist providing the best care to make sure he can thrive at home (and in his community) ever since. These days, he is tapping into his family’s artistic talents and picking up a paintbrush.

Tapping into potential

With the help of a paraprofessional educator who divides the canvas into smaller sections for him to focus on, Austin has been creating enough artwork to fill a calendar and then some – everything from self portraits to birch trees and sailboats. Although he no longer works with the woman who showed him how to create these masterpieces, Austin’s mom knows his talent is strong and hopes to build on the skills he’s already developed.

“It’s really incredible, what this woman has been able to do to help Austin create these paintings,” said Ruth. “I am hoping to be able to learn what her process was with helping him, so he and I can do more art at home.”

Take a look at some of the pieces Ruth shared with us, and let us know what amazing talents your kiddo has!

Some of Austin’s artwork

A collage of paintings Austin has done despite his hypophosphatasia diagnosis

Originally published: February 23, 2017

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