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Meet The Infusion Nursing & Pharmacy Team at PHS

Our infusion nursing team is truly one of a kind – comprehensive, compassionate, and detail-oriented, they provide care that allows our patients to continuing living a normal life with less interruption. One way we ensure our patients get home and stay home is by following rigorous infection prevention methods with our 123 Infection Free Program. The success of this program and methodology is reflected by our extremely low CLABSI rate.

In addition to our internal safety programs, PHS is also active in the home care community to ensure best practices are being used across the board. PHS infusion nurses Michelle Curley and Jill Wall partnered with NHIA and Children’s Hospital Cincinnati to write the NHIA Central Vascular Access Device (CVAD) Guidelines for the Pediatric Home‐Based Patient. These guidelines ensure greater patient safety in the home through consistent processes. Read the guidelines here.

Take a moment to meet the members of our infusion nursing & pharmacy team – maybe you’ll recognize a face or two!

Michelle Curley, RN, CRNI – Director of Infusion Nursing

Michelle CDo you have any stories that stand out from your time working at PHS?

One of my favorite moments was one of my patients in a public grocery store and her running to me saying “My Nursie, My Nursie” and giving me a big hug!

Joel Skog, RN, CRNI – Infusion Nurse Manager

How do you think a child is impacted by being able to get infusion therapy at home?

I think patients getting their infusions at home allows the family to live a more normal life. Many times, the kids like to play games and with toys with us, which helps to make the time go faster.  Some kiddos end up looking forward to “poke day” for that reason.

Aubry Banken – Infusion Care Coordinator

What is your favorite part of being an infusion coordinator?

I work closely with the care coordinators and case managers and also help manage the patients that are outside of our nursing service area.  Sometimes finding agencies is challenging but it is so rewarding when you can solve the situation. I get to work with so many different people it keeps my day incredibly interesting and each day is never the same!

Mary Brown-Kelly, RN, CRNI – Infusion Nurse


What made you want to get into infusion therapy?

In high school, one of my close friends was diagnosed with cancer. I was in the oncology unit at a children’s hospital doing infusions for pediatric cancer patients before I realized there was a specific role for infusion nursing.

Lynn Buchholz, RN, RN-BC, CRNI – Infusion Nurse

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How do you think a child is impacted by being able to get infusion therapy at home?

A child receiving home care receives more than just nursing care.  They receive our personalities, our humor, our fun, our love… and thrives at home. I love being an IV nurse!

Doreen Carson, RN – Infusion Nurse


How is a child is impacted by being able to get infusion therapy at home?

A child receiving infusion therapy trusts us while feeling safe in their own surroundings.  We provide case management for them to allow them to be at home, and are part of the puzzle that helps hold the pieces together.

Patrick Collins, RN, BSN, CRNI – Infusion Nurse

Patrick Collins, infusion nurse at PHSHow is being an infusion nurse at PHS rewarding?

I get to meet so many families, and see them grow leaps and bounds. They go from having no idea how to handle new infusion medications, to becoming pros and feeling disappointed when we no longer get to come out and visit them. 

Sarah Hochsprung, RN, BSN – Infusion Nurse

What has been a rewarding experience as an infusion  nurse at PHS?

I provided infusion nursing for a kiddo who needed long term therapy, and she eventually became well enough to not need it any longer. Recently, her family found out her sister will be needing long term therapy as well and requested me to be their infusion nurse again. Mom told me she immediately knew that she wanted me to come back. I was very honored and humbled – making such a difference for these families is very meaningful to me.

Aly Hargrave, RN, BSN – Infusion Nurse

What is your favorite part of being an infusion nurse?

My favorite part of being an infusion nurse is feeling like I am almost part of the family with the patients I work with. We see the family frequently in their homes and care for the child where they are most comfortable. I also enjoy teaching families to do infusion skills themselves and become empowered by their new skills!

Emily Novak, RN, BSN, CRNI – Infusion Nurse

Emily Halvorson, infusion nurse at PHSHow do you think your role impact the children you care for?

Whether a patient needs short term antibiotic therapy or lifelong enzyme replacement therapy, I try to make it work with into their schedule as easily as possible. Kiddos are able to attend school, be involved in their communities, be at home with their families, and just be a kid!

Melissa Nuanez, RN, CRNI – Infusion Nurse

How is being an infusion nurse at PHS rewarding?

I know that when we are able to give them therapy in the home, they have more freedom to be kids and spend time with their families.



Mary Pat Osborne, RN, MSN – Infusion Nurse

What is your favorite part of being an infusion nurse?

I love the long-term relationships I develop with the patients and their families. I also enjoy being able to see patients on what is an otherwise “regular day” for them as they receive a routine infusion – we are able to integrate with their schedules, and just become another normal part of their life.


Susan Schuler, BSN, RN, CCRN, CAPA, CPAN – IV Nurse Coordinator

What made you want to get into infusion therapy?

When I came to PHS, the majority of my nursing career had been spent caring for critically ill infants, childrens and young adults in the hospital.  Becoming part of the PHS team provided me with an exciting opportunity to practice care coordination and case management with children and their families, developing that seamless plan of care so that they may have the best outcomes and the best quality of care at home.


Jill Wall, RN, BSN, CRNI – Infusion Nurse Educator


Do you have any stories that stand out from your time working at PHS?

My favorite part is working with the patients/families, educating them so they can live normal life at home. Every family/child I care for impacts my life deeply – each has their unique story and each forever changes my life.

Katie Weaver, RN, BSN, PHN – Infusion Nurse

What made you want to get into infusion?

I’ve always loved working with IVs. I was able to work with a variety of different infusion meds in the acute hospital setting, but nothing like home care. Switching to infusion nursing here at PHS has been so exciting! So many different types so med therapies, and such a variety of different IV access points.  Every day is different!


Jill Liebers, Pharm. D – Director of Pharmacy and Clinical Nutrition

How do you think your role as pharmacist in charge impacts the children PHS cares for?

With an infusion pharmacy and nurses available to administer the medications my team prepares, we are enabling the children to live fulfilling lives at home, surrounded by family, pets, and peers as they go on with their normal activities. These patients are able to go to school, participate in sports, and keep growing like any other child.


Angie B, Pharm. D – Pharmacist

How do you think your role as a pharmacist impacts the children PHS cares for?

As a pharmacist, I am always an advocate for the patient and family. My role is ensure that patients are receiving the right medication, dose and in a delivery form that is also convenient. When all of these things come together and the patient is successfully receiving their therapy in the home and being cared for, then I have made an impact.

Briana Blackstad, Pharm. D – Pharmacist

What made you want to become a pharmacist at PHS?

I wanted to be a pharmacist at PHS because I enjoy the challenges of the pediatric population. Pediatrics can be a really complex population, but I’m passionate about this work because the obstacles allow me to use my clinical skills to ensure our young patients are safe and our treatments are effective.

Steve LaFond, Pharm. D – Pharmacist

Steve LaFond, pharmacist at PHS

What do you love about your job?

I definitely love that I get to work for a company that is so highly regarded in the medical community.  I love spending the day with co workers that share similar tastes in humor and music.  I love the variety of patients, the clinical information/skills that we get to utilize, and the faster pace.  Sometimes it can get a little hectic, but still the best job I’ve ever had (and hope to be here for many more years).

Eric Skime, Pharm. D – Pharmacist

How is being a pharmacist at PHS rewarding?

I love that as a pharmacist at PHS, I get to see how our work allows kids to thrive at home. Our role helps our patients and family spend time at home and not in the hospital.



Lisa Tollefson, Pharm. D – Pharmacist

Lisa Tollefson, pharmacist at PHSWhat do you love about your job?

What I love most about my job at PHS is knowing that my number 1 responsibility is to make sure every child has what they need. It is great to be part of a team that has the same goal.




Cheryl Ames – Pharmacy Technician

How is being a pharmacy technician at PHS rewarding?

I get to leave each day knowing that I played a part in helping to make that child’s life as normal as possible.




Kelsey Hjelle – Pharmacy Technician

How do you think your role impacts the children PHS cares for?

I am able to provide them with the necessary medications they need so they can live their life to the fullest potential.




Andrea Petroff – Pharmacy Technician

How is being a pharmacy technician at PHS rewarding?

I absolutely love knowing that what I do can help keep a child at home with their family, siblings, pets, relatives, etc.  That is also very rewarding.  It’s always fun when we get to see pictures of the kids thriving at home or out having fun somewhere since we don’t have the face-to-face interaction!  It’s great to have a job where I can come to work and know that what I am doing is having a positive influence in someone’s life! 



Michelle Prell – Pharmacy Technician

How do you think your role impacts the children PHS cares for?

My role as a PHS pharmacy technician impacts our patients because I am a part of them receiving high quality medications prepared by a certified expert technician. I know I use the same integrity and caring that I would give to my own children.

Originally published: May 8, 2015

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