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What You Wish People Knew About Life With a Medically Complex Child

Being the parent to a child with medical complexities can bring an abundance of rewards and joy – but it can also bring stresses or situations that parents wouldn’t otherwise encounter. We wanted to know what parents wished other people knew about taking care of a child with medical complexities, so we posed the question on our Facebook page and got some great responses.

What would you add to the list?

What do you wish people knew about being a parent to a child with medical complexities?

  • We are not contagious or cynical… we are, however, exhausted
  • It can be hard on the whole family, including on marriages and siblings. The constant stress weighs on all of us
  • We receive the biggest blessings from our very special kiddos! They are all created by God and for a purpose
  • That it’s not something to be sad for us about. It’s our kids. Same as your kids. They have so much to live for. Appreciate the awesomeness about them.
  • That they don’t want to be differently than (I hate this word) “normal” kids, they just do things differently.
  • I wish people would realize that having such a child also creates/makes common everyday chores and challenges even harder to accomplish  – cleaning up, dishes, laundry, floors, maintenance, etc., just to mention a few.
  • It’s challenging. Almost feels like a whole new life. May feel, at your lowest, stressed out, but you will get through it. Your kids will give you strength to do things you never thought you could. It makes you see the world a whole different way and cherish everything.
Originally published: July 4, 2014

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