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Patient Spotlight: Cora Requires a Kidney Transplant

Pediatric Home Service has always lived by the mission of ‘taking care of the child.’ We have made it our goal to always provide the best care for our patients and their families, every single day. In our Patient Spotlight segment you’ll read stories and see pictures of some very special kiddos and their families. PHS kids truly do thrive and we’re excited to be able to share their stories.

Cora’s story began when she was born 5 weeks early after mom, Jane, had a difficult pregnancy and was on bedrest starting at 21 weeks. She was by all appearances a healthy girl, but had a little difficulty putting on weight during her first 2 months. She started having stomach problems at the end of August 2011, which her parents had initially thought were just typical gas or constipation issues. However, all of the problems that she has had starting with pregnancy are symptoms common with her diagnosis.

Soon after, Jane and Chris were told by the doctors at Minneapolis Children’s hospital that their beautiful daughter has congenital nephrotic syndrome – an inherited problem with the kidneys that ultimately meant she’d need a transplant. When Jane was identified as a match for Cora, it was decided that she would be the donor – and in August of last year, they underwent a kidney transplant to give Cora a new lease on life.

Almost a year later, Cora lives the life of a typical two year old. She keeps busy chasing after her big brother and swinging; she can chat up a storm with just about anyone, and likes riding her bikes. And because she’s able to have her lab draws done at home, life doesn’t have to be interrupted. “She’s in a really good spot right now,” said Jane. We think Cora is one amazing two year old – just look at that smile!

Originally published: July 5, 2013