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PHS Celebrates Healthcare Technology Management Week

Throughout the past week PHS has been celebrating Healthcare Technology Management Week (May 20-26, 2012). Healthcare Technology Management Week is an annual celebration designed to raise awareness of and appreciation for the critical work of health care technology management professionals who protect patient safety and reduce health care costs.  Our team of Biomedical staff are the best around. In fact, the state of Minnesota has only 99 Certified Biomedical Equipment Technicians, and 3 of those 99, work at PHS.

PHS has always been a company at the forefront of technology, our biomedical staff ensures all the equipment going to a patient home meets and often exceeds manufacture standards. According to Mike Vogel, Biomedical Supervisor at PHS there is an unwritten rule to determine when any piece of equipment is ready to leave PHS for use on a patient,  “each technician must ask themselves one question, ‘would you feel comfortable with your child depending on this piece of equipment?‘ If the answer is yes, and we’ve meet manufacturer guidelines, then we know that piece of equipment is ready to help one of our patients.” PHS Biomedical staff research, recommend, install, inspect, and repair medical devices and other complicated medical systems.

All week, our Biomedical Department has been hosting games and trivia to give PHS staff a look into what this busy department does. We wanted to share a few of the most striking statics with you. This department of only 7 people are able to accomplish so much and are a vital piece in ensuring our patients thrive in the home.

  • Average number of years worked at PHS by the 7 Biomedical employees?
    • 8.4 years
  • Average number of serialized items that pass through the Biomedical each month?
    • 609
  • Average number of new equipment added to inventory each month?
    • 82
  • Number of Certified Biomedical Equipment Technicians working at PHS?
    • 3- Mike, Corey, and Matt
  • Number of Trilogy 100 Ventilators that PHS owns?
    • 104

Thank you to each employee in the biomedical department for all the work they do in making sure each child thrives at home.

Originally published: May 25, 2012
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