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John’s Troubleshooting Tip of the Month: Food Pump Series – Replacing the Door On An Infinity Food Pump

PHS understands how stressful it can be when a piece of equipment isn’t working properly, and we want to help resolve any issues as soon as possible for you. So, once a month, PHS Respiratory Therapist, John Sheahan will post a tip on how to troubleshoot a common error with a piece of equipment.

Today’s post is the second in a series that focuses on food pumps. We frequently receive calls from families for troubleshooting the food pump. In this second segment we will focus on what to do if the Infinity food pump door breaks.

There are two types of Infinity food pumps, the Infinity Teal and the Infinity Orange, and both have the potential of the door latch that connects to the pumps inside holder breaking. To prevent this from happening always press the latch in with your thumb before opening and closing the food pump door. If the door latch does break however follow these steps:

  • Close the Infinity food pump door and secure it tightly with either a hair band or a rubber band.
  • The food pump will run as long as the food pump door is closed tightly.
  • Call PHS at 651-642-1825 and report the problem. We will send you a replacement door.
  • When you receive the new door:
    • Open the broken food pump door away from the food pumps main body.
    • Firmly hold pump and door in BOTH hands.
    • Quickly snap the door away from pump.
    • Replace with new door by inserting the replacement food pump door latch into the inside holder.
    • Gently snap door into place.
    • Do NOT force the door closed.

See the graphic below for a visual on how to remove and attach a door. For even more help with your EntraLite® Infinity food pump watch this video from PHS, walking you through common errors with the pump and how to solve them.

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John Sheahan, RRT-NPS, LRTJohn Sheahan, RRT-NPS, LRT is a Licensed Respiratory Therapist at PHS and would love to hear from you if you have a tip that you’ve found helps when working with your equipment, or have an idea for a Troubleshooting Tip post. Share your tip or idea through a comment here or an email to John at

Originally published: November 7, 2011
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