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Announcing the 2017 Top Spots for Families With Special Needs

For families with special needs, deciding which playground to go to or a restaurant to eat dinner at may not always be a simple answer. There are unique considerations regarding wheelchair accessibility, space to have time away from the group, products that align with a child’s motor skills, or other scenarios that parents learn to keep in mind.

Recognizing the needs of this community throughout Minnesota, we set out to find a resource that helps families identify the best businesses and organizations that have accessible spaces or are particularly accommodating to special needs – and when we didn’t find one, we decided to create it. From there, PHS Top Spots was born.

By surveying special needs families across the state, we found the best support groups, adaptive sports organizations, State Parks, and more – and now we’re sharing the list with you. Each year, we will create a fresh list so families always have an up to date resource.

So without further adieu, we’ve put together a quick round up of the 2017 winners – to learn more about the winners and see the other nominees, visit

A roundup of all the top spots in Minnesota for families with special needsDoes your family have any favorite spots? Share them with us and other families in the comments below!

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