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Supporting Equitable Pay Rates for Homecare Nurses

Families who receive homecare nursing for their medically-complex child know – these nurses provide the same complex cares in the home as those based in the hospital. They have the same skills and training, and often have sole responsibility for their patients’ welfare, yet they are paid less.

This means it is harder to recruit and retain homecare nurses, keeping patients in the hospital and driving up health care costs (there is an average savings of over $5,000 per day to receive care in the home rather than the hospital).

Hear what our medical director Dr. Roy Maynard, homecare nurse Megan, and a PHS patient family have to say about homecare nursing, and how it provides the best care for this medically-complex population.


What can be done to increase the pay rates for homecare nurses, in turn helping medically-complex kiddos thrive at home?

PHS is involved in legislative efforts surrounding nursing reimbursement, and you can help get the word out and reach out to legislators about increasing pay rates for homecare nurses. We’re excited about the progress that has been made recently with this bill passing the House Policy Committee and moving on to the House Finance Committee, but still have steps ahead of us to ensure our nurses receive equitable pay rates.

Representative Patti Fritz, author of the bill to support equitable pay rates for homecare nurses, know this bill is important for not only the nurses, but families and the state.

Patti Fritz Quote

Not Sure What to Say?

To help communicate with your legislators, we’ve created talking points surrounding nursing reimbursement, as well as other efforts we’re involved in – keeping Medicare cuts out of Minnesota Medical Assistance and making changes to the current prior authorization process. These will help you express the issues and opportunities involved with these bills, and educate legislators who may not be aware of the issues at hand.

Still have questions about this legislation or how you can help? Feel free to contact us and keep up with our legislative efforts on our Facebook and Twitter.


Originally published: March 15, 2014

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