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Founder Susan Wingert Retires After More Than 22 Years As Head of PHS

After over two decades of work, building PHS from the ground up, our fearless leader, Susan Wingert has retired. Please take a moment to watch the short slideshow below for a look over the past 22 years. Do you have any messages for Susan, post them here and we’ll be sure she gets them!

Susan, you’ve built a legacy that cannot be touched. Thank you for giving all PHS employees, PHS patient families and health care professional partners the opportunity to work with such an amazing woman.

You have lived the mission of ‘taking care of the child’ from day one, and the statement will ring true within the PHS culture for many, many years to come. Thank you for leaving us in the capable hands of Mark, we know he’ll be able to steer this ship with the same energy, passion and drive as you did to ensure our success into the future.

Now, go enjoy your retirement, send us pictures of your beautiful garden and we’ll see you out at the Capitol advocating for all the kiddos that thrive at home with pediatric homecare!

This is not goodbye, it’s we’ll see you soon!

Originally published: June 1, 2012