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Thanksgiving Activities To Keep Kids Busy

To bring more meaning to this holiday, PHS recommends these Thanksgiving activities for kids, including kid’s crafts and cooking with kids.

For most families, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate families, America’s beginnings and a reminder to be thankful. Help children appreciate the holiday for more than turkey, football, and a break from school. Make this Thanksgiving memorable for children of all ages and stages with these Thanksgiving activities for kids:

You can even tune in to the first Thanksgiving Day football game broadcast, circa 1934 in Detroit (the Lions lost to Chicago)

Kevin cooking in kitchen

Kevin and mom Susan make a smoothie in the kitchen

Get cooking

Get kids in the kitchen to help with preparations, cooking, baking, setting the table, and (yes!) cleaning up. There’s a task for every age, ability and interest, from folding napkins to rolling out pie dough to “taste testing” the mashed potatoes. You’ll love seeing kids’ pride in helping cook.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Make the most of the long weekend by creating some Thanksgiving crafts with your kids. Beforehand, have them create place cards for your Thanksgiving table, a “thankful” tree where people can jot down things for which they’re thankful and hang the little papers like ornaments or clever placemats.

How do you make Thanksgiving meaningful? What works for you and your family? Do you have tips and resources, based on your holiday experiences? We’d love to hear about it, and we especially appreciate photos of your crafts, activities and celebrations.

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Originally published: November 24, 2010