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Thriving Patients Make PHS a Meaningful Place to Work

Ask any employee at PHS what our company’s vision is, and they will be quick to tell you – to make a difference in the life of every family we serve by taking care of the child. And for every employee, that is a meaningful thing.

TWP_Top100_Minneapolis_2014_VThere is a constant dedication to and focus on helping kiddos thrive in their homes from billing and human resources to home care nursing and infusion pharmacy, which is why we were so honored when the Star Tribune named PHS the third best mid-size company to work for in and also gave us the Meaningfulness Award.

Each person leaves work every day knowing they’ve played a role in helping kids thrive at home, and that is the most motivating purpose of all. But with a wide variety of comprehensive roles at PHS, our employees find meaning and drive in the different tasks they carry out daily – so we asked our staff, ‘why do you feel your job at PHS is meaningful?’

Originally published: June 20, 2014