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3 Ways We Focus on Delivering Infusion You Can Trust In the Comfort of Home

Your child is one of the most important things in the world – and we know you don’t take their medical needs lightly. Neither do we. 

The importance of allowing an infusion provider into your home who you trust is what drives us to ensure the best nurses, pharmacists, and standards of practice when caring for each kiddo. And because healthcare is about more than just clinical excellence, our team delivers caring and compassion in every conversation, education tool, and visit so our nurses begin to feel less like visitors and more like family. 

So what makes PHS an infusion provider unlike any other? For starters, our focus on three key elements – specialized nursing, an on-site infusion pharmacy, and case management. 


Kids aren’t treated like adults – and they shouldn’t be expected to receive medical care like them either. Our nurses are trained on the unique needs of children, and are specialists in administering infusions for even the smallest infants. With many of them certified in infusion therapy or in the process of certification, you can count on your nurse having extensive knowledge in your child’s care and peace of mind that this knowledge is just a phone call away 24/7. 


Our team of pharmacists understand the unique ways smaller bodies interact with medications, and are experts on managing dosage in a growing body. By working directly with you and your doctors to address your child’s individual goals and concerns along the way, families can rest assured that the whole child is being looked after and cared for. 


When a child comes home with PHS, one primary nurse is dedicated to managing their care and administering infusions. This ensures their unique needs and goals are considered throughout the process, while promoting strong relationships.

If your child needs infusion therapy, you can let your provider know you’d prefer for them to receive it at home from Pediatric Home Service – with one phone call, we can help you manage the process to begin infusion therapy.


Originally published: July 19, 2019