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What Do Feeding Tubes Mean for You?

What does a feeding tube mean for you or your child? The responses we hear from parents are the reason our dietitians spend so much time dedicated to ensuring their patients with feeding tubes receive the most comprehensive, high-quality care possible.

This week is Feeding Tube Awareness Week, and the Oley Foundation has teamed up with the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation to bring knowledge and understanding to the amazing opportunities tube fed individuals have at home and in their communities. Always ready to celebrate the amazing things our patients do, we had to be involved.

So, what do feeding tubes mean to our kiddos and their families? We asked a couple parents to tell us in their own words and share a photo of them thriving.

(Share your experiences with tube feeding in the comment section of this blog, and we’ll send you a copy of The Rosie Summer – a book to help tubies and their family or friends understand the process!)

Feeding Tube Awareness Week_2.11.14 

Originally published: February 13, 2014

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