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Your Input Matters – Keep It Coming

Feedback from customer surveys leads to changes that benefit you

At PHS, we want to know what’s working—and what isn’t—so we can continually improve our services. Your feedback, as a patient caregiver, health care professional, or patient, is one of the best methods we have in making those determinations. “We accept the premise that there are always areas for improvement,” says Pam Clifton, PHS Senior Vice President of Operations. So, with that in mind, we continually ask:

• What is PHS doing that we should continue? Or discontinue?
• Is there something we should be doing that we are not?

We sincerely want to know what you think.

Keep an eye out for this postcard being sent to your home soon as a reminder to hop online and let us know how we’re doing.

How it works

PHS clients are surveyed once a year, slightly more often if they are new to the company. Surveys are patient specific, which means that you are only going to get questions that relate to the services you receive or deal with in some capacity.

Next, our operations staff reviews every returned survey, yes you heard right, we read every single survey. We’re not kidding when we tell you we truly care about what you have to say. Our operations staff takes careful note of responses that indicate anything less than the highest mark of satisfaction. Managers then review the surveys and follow-up as needed. Respondents who indicate anything less than the highest levels of satisfaction (and include contact information) will be contacted by PHS so we learn how we can make their experience better.

In the past year, PHS contacted 87 people (out of 230 returned surveys) or 37.8 percent of respondents.

You talk, we listen

There’s always room for improvement. Following are some of the changes that resulted from customer feedback:

  • We extended our hours of operation: we now answer the phones from 7 to 7 to be more available to our families, and outside those hours, we use an answering service to distribute calls to our on-call staff members.
  • We added private duty nursing service: for years, many people have responded to the question, “What is the one thing we’re not doing that we should be doing” by answering “offer extended hours nursing.”
  • We improved the “usability” of our education materials: redesigning the layout, adding more photos to demonstrate techniques, and changing how information was delivered.

5 important things to know about PHS surveys

  1. The survey is now available online! No writing or mailing necessary. And the best part? It only takes about 5 minutes. Simply visit to fill one out.
  2. You might win a prize. We’re serious about wanting your input so we’re offering an incentive: we hold a drawing quarterly for a $100 Visa gift card that is accepted at most retail locations. Anyone who includes contact information on a returned survey is eligible for the drawing.
  3. Survey results are compiled quarterly and shared with all staff. This information motivates employees to continually strive to achieve great customer service.
  4. If a survey mentions a specific employee, a copy of the survey will be shared with the employee. So if someone has done something extra special for you lately, go ahead and tell us so we can thank them internally for their efforts in taking care of the child.
  5. Once we see a trend in responses and are satisfied we are doing something well, we move on to something new so that we are always learning, continually improving.
Originally published: March 30, 2012

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