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Respiratory Assessment with Breath Sounds (Instructor Led)

In this class you will rediscover how and why we breathe, review basic lung sounds, and describe proper charting techniques. You will also practice detailed case studies with patient history, lab results, chest X-ray, recorded breath sounds, and diagnosis options.

  • Two (2) contact hours will be awarded to all participants.
  • Special large group class arrangements on request.

Objectives: Following the presentation, you will be able to

1. Identify basic respiratory anatomy including upper airway, lower airway, and muscles of respiration.

2. List the seven factors of respiratory assessment.

3. Explain the three basic types of breath sounds.

4. Demonstrate proper stethoscope placement for auscultation of breath sounds.

If no session dates are listed please contact PHS to schedule a class date. 

Price: $40

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