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Enteral Basics (Online)

This interactive, narrated, self-paced online course focuses on the basics of providing care to adult and pediatric patients requiring enteral therapy, with emphasis on the home care environment.

Topics include:

  • Types and parts of feeding tubes, accessories, and enteral nutrition products.
  • Care and management of feeding tubes, including insertion and removal, placement verification, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Types of formula.
  • Enteral feeding routines, including bolus, intermittent, and continuous.
  • Enteral feeding methods, including administration using syringe, gravity drip, and enteral food pump.
  • Venting air from a feeding tube.

An optional in-classroom lab for hands-on time is available . NOTE: This is not a competency. Each employer is responsible for ensuring their staff’s competency.

  • Three contact hours will be awarded to all participants

Objectives: Upon completion of the presentation the participant will be able to

  1. Demonstrate proper setup and use of feeding tubes, accessories, and enteral nutrition products.  
  2. Demonstrate how to properly perform feeding tube management and care including administration of feedings, fluids, flushes, and medications. 
  3. Demonstrate how to safely perform a routine nasogastric and low profile feeding tube change. 
  4. Identify enteral nutrition feeding routines and delivery methods with associated safety concerns. 

Course authors: Rachel Halvorson, RD, CSP, LD, Lana Clark, RD, LD, Katie Dahlberg, LPN, Jean Stumpf, BSN, CRNI

Price: $60