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Trach Tube Essentials (Online)

This interactive, narrated online course focuses on general tracheostomy tube concepts. In addition, extra information is added to prepare the participants for both routine and emergency tracheostomy care situations. The course is designed to provide practical information and tools for the hands-on care provider. Topics include

  • Reasons for tracheostomy tubes.
  • Types and sizes of tracheostomy tubes.
  • How to properly utilize a cuffed tracheostomy tube.
  • Application and care for double cannula tracheostomy tubes.
  • Accessories for tracheostomy tubes, including a speaking valve.
  • Care and cleaning of trach tubes, trach stomas and proper securing techniques.
  • Routine trach tube change procedure.
  • How to perform an emergency trach tube change.

An optional in-classroom lab for hands-on time is available to practice both routine and emergency trach tube changes, routine trach stoma care and trach securing techniques. NOTE: This is not a competency. Each employer is responsible for ensuring their staff’s competency.

  • Three contact hours will be awarded to all participants

Objectives: Upon completion of the presentation the participant will be able to

  1. Identify the basic parts and types of tracheostomy tubes. 
  2. Demonstrate how to properly perform routine tracheostomy tube cares. 
  3. Demonstrate how to safely perform a routine tracheostomy tube change. 
  4. Identify various tracheostomy tube accessories and related safety concerns. 
  5. Demonstrate proper response to emergency situations involving a tracheostomy tube, including an emergency tube change. 

Course authors: Bruce Estrem, RRT-NPS, LRT, Bri Schimelfenig, BS, RRT-NPS, LRT, Jean Stumpf, BSN, CRNI

Price: $60