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Home Parenteral Nutrition (Online)

This interactive, narrated, online course focuses on how to care for adult and pediatric patients receiving home parenteral nutrition therapy. There is an emphasis on the home care environment. Topics include:

  • Indications for Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN)
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Goals of HPN therapy
  • Primary components of HPN
  • HPN delivery modes
  • HPN setup and administration
  • Nutrition Support Teams
  • Potential complications
  • Patient and caregiver education

This Home Parenteral Nutrition course builds on foundational knowledge presented in PHS' IV Basics course. Completion of IV Basics is strongly recommended before taking this course.

2 contact hours will be awarded to online class participants.

This course meets the CE requirements for nurses in the state of Minnesota. We are currently working to get this course approved nationally. If you don't live in Minnesota, or are not a nurse, you are responsible to ensure this course meets your requirements.

Objectives: At the completion of this training program, the participant will be able to

  1. Identify the indications for home parenteral nutrition (HPN) therapy.
  2. Discuss what information is gathered during a nutrition assessment.
  3. Identify the basic components of HPN.
  4. Demonstrate setting up and administering HPN using an ambulatory infusion pump.
  5. Discuss the parameters for assessing and monitoring a HPN patient.
  6. Identify the potential complications of HPN therapy.
  7. Discuss the topics necessary for patient/caregiver education for the HPN patient.

Course authors: Maria Mahady RD, LD, CNSC;  Jean Stumpf, BSN, CRNI; Jill Wall, RN, BSN, CRNI; Lisa Tollefson, Pharm. D. 

The information in the course is Copyright © Pediatric Home Service. Any use outside your own personal use is prohibited.

For best learner experience, we recommend viewing this course on any desktop or laptop computer, or iPad.

Price: $20