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Trach Tube Essentials Lab (Instructor Led)

This hands-on lab is a supplement to the online learning Trach Tube Essentials course. You must complete the course before you can take the lab. Participants will have the opportunity to practice

  • Routine and emergency trach tube changes
  • Routine trach stoma care
  • Trach securing techniques

The optional lab takes place at Pediatric Home Service in Roseville, Minnesota. NOTE: This is not a skills competency. Each employer is responsible for ensuring their staff’s competence.

  •  This is a 1-1/2  hour lab, limited to four people.
  • Please come prepared to do a return-demonstration of a routine trach change, emergency trach change, and routine trach cares.
  • Lab starts on-time. If you cannot be on time for the course, please reschedule for another session.

Price: $0