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Home Parenteral Nutrition

Home Parenteral Nutrition Online launches April 22! This classroom course will be an interactive online course beginning April 22.

Home Parenteral Nutrition builds on foundational knowledge presented in PHS' IV Basics course. Completion of IV Basics is strongly recommended before taking this course.

In this Home Parenteral Nutrition class you will learn how to safely and properly care for the patient on Parenteral Nutrition (PN) therapy. Topics include

  • Indications for PN
  • Goals of PN therapy
  • Basic components of PN
  • Potential complications
  • Caring for the PN patient
  • PN labs
  • PN setup and administration
  • Patient education

There will be time for hands-on practice.

  • Two (2) contact hours will be awarded to all participants
  • Special large group class arrangements on request

Objectives: Upon completion of the presentation the participant will be able to

  1. Discuss indications for the use of PN.
  2. Identify the goals of PN therapy.
  3. Name three basic components of PN.
  4. List four potential complications of PN therapy.
  5. Discuss laboratory values associated with monitoring PN.
  6. Demonstrate setting up and administering PN using an ambulatory infusion pump.

If no session dates are listed please contact PHS to schedule a class date. 

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