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Milrinone Therapy Course

Milrinone Therapy builds on foundational knowledge presented in PHS' IV Basics course. Completion of IV Basics is strongly recommended before taking this course.

Objectives: Upon completion of the presentation the participant will be able to 

  1. Identify the primary physiologic impact of positive inotropic medications such as milrinone.
  2. Identify the most common conditions for which patients are treated with milrinone in the home setting.
  3. Discuss common side effects of IV milrinone therapy.
  4. Describe vascular access device considerations for milrinone therapy, including catheter type and flushing protocols
  5. Discuss safety factors to consider for milrinone therapy, including the need for backup equipment, drug mixing, pump programming, and the need for an Emergency Action Plan.
  6. Describe the pre-admission process for an in-home milrinone patient.
  7. Discuss the need for patient assessment parameters, and give four examples of parameters.
  8. Identify the steps required for a milrinone bag change.
  9. Identify the three critical points to teach the caregiver for managing a milrinone patient in the home setting. 

If no session dates are listed please contact PHS to schedule a class date. 

Price: $20

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