Meet Leo.

Born: 2016

Diagnosis: Infantile Pompe disease

Services used: Infusion therapy, respiratory therapy & equipment


Leo’s body lacks the enzyme that breaks down sugar and glucose. In response glycogen gets stored in his muscle and heart, leading to weakness and deterioration of muscles, respiratory failure, and cardiomyopathy.


PHS’s integrated services are able to keep Leo at home with his family by providing weekly infusion nursing visits for an enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) treatment, equipment & supplies, and support from a respiratory therapist ensure Leo is continuing to grow and develop at home with his tracheostomy and ventilator.


Leo is surpassing all expectations and blazing his own trail. He is thriving at home with the support of family, friends, and PHS.

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“"We want the world to know that Leo is going to be just fine. He is going to thrive because of us, because of our family, and the support and love that we get from all over the place, and one of those places is PHS. "”

- Denis, Leo's dad

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