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Meet Nick

Born: 1987

Diagnosis: Autonomic dysreflexia (AD), cerebral palsy, cortico blindness, seizure disorder, osteoporosis

Services used: Respiratory, infusion nursing and pharmacy, home care nursing

Nick's Challenge


Nick requires coordinated services, so a high level of communication among his caregivers is critical. Maintaining a proper weight was hard because of frequent fluctuations in his health.


PHS has provided Nick with continuity of care for 18+ years with most, if not all, of our services, including home care nursing when we began offering it in 2011, to address health issues as they arise, and keep Nick stable and at home.

Nick's Solution


Nick doesn’t speak, but his smile communicates volumes. He lives at home with a loving family that is able to care for him, and advocate for him. He goes to a work program, volunteers, and, attends baseball games. Nick truly is thriving.

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