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Pediatric Home Service Announces Quarterly Outcome Results

St. Paul, Minn. – Independent homecare company Pediatric Home Service continues to lead the way in children’s home health care by releasing its quarterly set of comprehensive clinical care and operational outcome results.

Ranging from infection rates and caregiver education to customer satisfaction and shipping accuracy, the results demonstrate the company’s commitment to enhancing the quality of care it provides to some of the state’s most medically-fragile children.

“Releasing outcomes isn’t something we have to do; it’s something we want to do, and we have been tracking outcomes for many years” said PHS President Mark Hamman. “Tracking data and measuring results are key to delivering the highest quality healthcare possible for our patients.”

Among the key outcomes is Pediatric Home Service’s low readmission rates, especially for children with acute illnesses – 83 percent of its patients. The company also reports extremely low infection rates, a remarkable feat considering the high acuity of its patients.

Dr. Roy Maynard, Pediatric Home Service medical director, said, “Measuring and delivering outcomes not only helps us improve the quality and delivery of in-home health care at a lower cost, but it also gives healthcare professionals and caregivers a way to evaluate our services.”

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About Pediatric Home Service

Based in St. Paul, Minn., Pediatric Home Service is an independent pediatric homecare company that helps medically-complex, technology-dependent children live safely and successfully where they’re most comfortable, at home with their families, rather than in a hospital. Pediatric Home Service has been partnering with health care professionals and family caregivers for more than two decades to deliver compassionate, specialized, high-quality care to children with special medical needs.


Originally published: August 13, 2012