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Podcast, At the Core of Care, Home Care for Medically Complex Children

podcast, core of care, medical complexitiesPHS Medical Director, Roy Maynard, MD, was recently interviewed for a podcast that focused on the unique challenges of pediatric home care for medically complex children.

In this podcast, the Pennsylvania Action Coalition talks with a family and their nurses in Lancaster County, Penn., and features one of the most interesting interviews of the series with a nurse who was inspired to pursue pediatric care because she is also the mother of a child who needs 24-hour care. She works tirelessly as a nurse, mother, and advocate for families like her own through the Technology Assisted Children’s Home Program. Dr. Maynard speaks to the impact of delays in discharge for medically complex patients due to the lack of available home care nurses. You can read more about the study conducted by Dr. Maynard and colleagues here

Listen to the podcast on the apple website.