After-hours call responses

PHS takes its 24/7 availability very seriously. One way in which that commitment is demonstrated and measured is in the response time of our on-call clinicians.



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Clinical Outcomes

Education (STAR Kit)

The PHS STAR Kit allows caregivers to continually improve their knowledge of equipment use and be prepared to handle emergencies at home.

Emily R.R.'s Challenge

Patient acuity levels

The Council for Pediatric Home Care, of which PHS is a founding member, developed and utilizes a standardized tool to assess patient acuity levels.

Customer Service Outcomes

Customer satisfaction

In surveys distributed throughout the last calendar year, 100 percent of PHS families indicated that they would recommend PHS to a family or friend.

After-hours call responses

Between two and three minutes – that’s the average length of time it takes for a PHS on-call clinician to receive an after-hours message.