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Shipping Accuracy

Because it is essential that PHS in-home patients get what they need when they need it, PHS works hard to make sure accurate patient supply orders are shipped. And we continually track shipping data to ensure consistent, reliable service. For the past two years, PHS shipping accuracy has been consistently over 99.5 percent.

The PHS warehouse is stocked with more than 3,500 products, all inspected and ready to safely meet the needs of our patients.


To ensure equipment and products are shipped accurately and on time, PHS continually tracks its patient supply orders. Our shipping accuracy is consistently greater than 99 percent.


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Clinical Outcomes

Education (STAR Kit)

The PHS STAR Kit allows caregivers to continually improve their knowledge of equipment use and be prepared to handle emergencies at home.

Customer Service Outcomes

Customer Satisfaction

In surveys distributed throughout the last calendar year, 97 percent of PHS families indicated that they would recommend PHS to a family or friend.