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PHS Home Care for Patients With Acute and Chronic Infections

Pediatric home care is what we do. For more than two decades, PHS has provided compassionate, comprehensive, specialized, high quality in-home care to pediatric patients, no matter what their medical challenges.

A multidisciplinary PHS team collaborates to do everything possible to help our patients with mastoiditis live life to the fullest – at home.

  • Acute and chronic infections are often treated with intravenous antibiotic therapy. Many times, this therapy can be completed at home. PHS infusion nurses provide this service.
  • PHS pharmacists are experienced in providing the medication ordered by a pediatric patient’s physician.
  • The same team is familiar with the medications that require monitoring of lab values and they work with the patient’s physician to make necessary adjustments to the dosing of the medication.
  • PHS provides medical equipment and supplies needed by a patient with an acute or chronic infection.
  • PHS provides 24/7 on-call assistance to families receiving our service.

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Acute infection

An acute bacterial infection is short-term and can be treated an antibiotic infusions.

Chronic infection

Chronic infections are not removed by the immune system, and therefore can continue to cause health problems for several months, or even years.

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