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Derek Hustvet

Director of Respiratory Service

Derek Hustvet, RRT-NPS, LRT, plans, supervises, and coordinates the activities of the respiratory care staff. The Shoreview, Minn., native joined the PHS staff working in respiratory therapy, knowledge management, trade show/booth work, and sales in 1996. He served as respiratory therapist, respiratory supervisor, and respiratory manager before assuming his present position.

Prior to his association with PHS, Derek was a clinical technical trainer for The Vest. He also worked as a respiratory therapist/diagnostic-sleep technician at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics, performing and scoring a wide variety of sleep studies, including ventilator and CPAP/Bi-Level titrations.

Derek has a B.S. in respiratory therapy from North Dakota State University, Fargo, and is a licensed respiratory therapist and neonatal/pediatric respiratory care specialist.