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Formula Supply Chain Disruptions

Page last updated: 8/10/2022

PHS’s goal through these disruptions is to keep all kids fed.

In July & August, 2022 PHS was informed of the voluntary recall by Lyons Magnus on several Kate Farms & PediaSure products. In February, PHS was informed of the voluntary recall by Abbott Nutrition that includes EleCare, Similac, and Alimentum. PHS is also aware of the shortage of PediaSure ready-to-feed canned formula due to an aluminum shortage. 

PHS is working with local physicians to update orders based on a safe care plan and product availability.

Please contact your local office with any questions or concerns.

Lyons Magnus Recall of PediaSure Harvest, Ensure Harvest and Kate Farms Formulas

PHS is aware of the expanded voluntary recall by Lyons Mangus (formula manufacturer) of several Kate Farms, PediaSure, and Ensure products. The recall began in July with one Kate Farms product and impacted 5  lots of the Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla. It has expanded to include the following Kate Farms products, Pediatric Peptide 1.0 Vanilla, Standard 1.0 Vanilla, Standard 1.4 Plain, Peptide 1.5 Plain, Pediatric Standard 1.2 Vanilla, and Pediatric Peptide 1.5 Vanilla as well as PediaSure Harvest and Ensure Harvest.

PHS is requesting that you check your at-home inventory for impacted lot numbers.  Use the resources below to help identify any impacted product.

PediaSure Harvest

You have two options for checking your at-home inventory for impacted lot numbers:

  1. Referencing the Lyons Magnus information
  2. Calling 1-800-627-0557*

Ensure Harvest

You have two options for checking your at-home inventory for impacted lot numbers:

  1. Referencing the Lyons Magnus information
  2. Calling 1-800-627-0557*

Kate Farms

  • Kate Farms has created a webpage with great information about the recall. There are images that help identify impacted product, as well as a lot number widget where you can enter your product lot number to check if it is impacted.  
  • The most important indication for impacted Kate Farms product is the number combination of 55-446 stamped on the carton or case. If you see this number combination, that is a recalled product as it was manufactured at the Lyons Magnus facility. If you do not see that combination of numbers, it means your items were not manufactured at the Lyons Mangus facility and are not included in the recall.  
  • If you have additional questions or feel unsure about your specific products, you can also call:  
    • Lyons Magnus Recall Support Team: 1-800-627-0557 *
    • Kate Farm Customer Support Team: 805-845-2446 

We have pulled any impacted product from our shelves and are actively communicating with any patients that have ordered the product in the past 6 months. Impacted patients will hear from PHS (based on their communication preferences) via letter, email, text, and on our social media channels. 

We will work with you and your provider to identify substitutions and obtain updated orders as needed.  
If you have recalled product from PHS, communicate the impacted quantity to PHS and contact the Lyons Recall Support Center for the next steps. Please note that PHS is not a “retail” location, and we cannot accept returns to our offices. Patients in all time zones with questions may contact the Lyons Recall Support Center 24/7 at 1-800-627-0557*, or visit its website at This recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  



* NOTE: PHS has learned that the toll-free number for Lyons Magnus appears to be overwhelmed. Families with the impacted product should isolate the recalled formula until they are able to reach a Lyons Magnus representative to register the affected product.

PediaSure Ready to Feed Formula Shortage

Your child’s continued safety is our top priority at PHS. PHS has created this page to keep our patients up to date with the latest information on product availability.

Abbott Powdered Formula Recall

The FDA is advising families not to use any of the recalled products. Your child’s continued safety is our top priority at PHS. PHS has created this page to keep our patients up to date with the latest information from Abbott. PHS will update this page as routinely as possible. Please refer to Abbott’s website at for the most current information. See FAQs below for more detail. 

Abbott Information

Has Abbott Shared any communications with patient families?  

Please see the attached letter from Abbott on 2.21.2022- this letter will be emailed and mailed from PHS to any impacted patients.

Did Abbott share information about the addition of the Similac PM 60/40 recall?  

Please see the letter linked in the title above for the communication from Abbott.

How can I identify if my product is a part of the recall?  

You can check your lot number using the Abbott website tool on

How can I start the return process?  

Because PHS is not a “retail” location, patients will work directly with Abbott on the return and replacement of any recalled product. Visit to start the process.

PHS Response to Abbott Recall

How is PHS working to get my child the formula they need during the Abbott recall? -

PHS is in direct communication with our patient families and their doctors. Patients should connect with their doctor to identify the appropriate replacement product and to build the new recipe to align with the previous caloric requirements. When possible, PHS is also working directly with doctors to get orders for substitution products and updated recipes.

Are there any limitations on orders for the substitution products? -

Substitution product is in high demand. As of 2.24.2022, we are currently limiting orders to one week’s supply while we work to build up inventory of substitution formulas.

Which products are on restricted order limitations.  

Please visit the link in the question to view products currently on limited order restrictions.

Please note that Abbott added Similac PM 60/40.

FDA Information

FDA Update on Abbott Powdered Formula Recall 

On 2/17/2022 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it is investigating consumer complaints of Cronobacter sakazakii and Salmonella Newport infections. All of the cases are reported to have consumed powdered infant formula produced from Abbott Nutrition’s Sturgis, Michigan facility. As a result of the ongoing investigation, along with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state and local partners, the FDA is alerting consumers to avoid purchasing or using certain powdered infant formula products produced at this facility. This is an ongoing investigation, and the firm is working with the FDA to initiate a voluntary recall of the potentially affected product.