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Nutrition Support Team- coordinated care for your child.

Home parenteral nutrition (HPN) also known as total parenteral nutrition (TPN)  requires a multidisciplinary team to effectively manage the complexity this therapy demands. That’s why PHS created the Nutrition Support Team (NST), which meets weekly to ensure the safest care plan for our HPN population. Comprised of PHS clinical dietitians, infusion nurses and pharmacists, we work with the patient’s hospital physicians and clinicians, as well as their home care provider, to ensure all aspects of the patient’s care are being taken into consideration and appropriate needs are being met.

PHS Nutrition Support Team is comprised of infusion nurses, clinical dietitians and pharmacists.

Program Structure:

  1. Infusion nurse administers therapy in the patient’s home and records visits assessment in shared chart
  2. Clinical dietitian uses assessment to create or update the care plan
  3. Weekly, the Nutrition Support Team reviews patient status and makes necessary changes to the patient’s care plan, if appropriate
    1. All recommended changes are approved by the patient’s participating physician
  4. Your PHS dietitian will contact you with any recommended changes to the care plan following meeting


  • Safer care plan for the patient
  • Multiple expert perspectives
  • Streamlined and coordinated care
  • Fewer phone calls to patients