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Meet the infusion nursing and pharmacy team at PHS

Comprehensive, compassionate and detail-oriented, the Pediatric Home Service infusion team provides safe, integrated care and the comfort and assurance that your child’s unique needs are being met.

Helping patients get home and stay home

Preventing infection is one of the key ways we keep our patients safe and out of the hospital. The success of our rigorous 123 Infection Free Program is reflected by our extremely low CLABSI rate.

Setting the standard for best practices

As active leaders in the pediatric home care community, we work to ensure best practices are being used across the board. PHS infusion nurses Michelle Curley and Jill Wall partnered with NHIA and Children’s Hospital Cincinnati to write the NHIA Central Vascular Access Device (CVAD) Guidelines for the Pediatric Home‐Based Patient – guidelines that promote greater patient safety in the home through consistent processes.

Explore our home infusion services

Getting started with PHS is simple.

With one phone call, we can help you manage the process to begin infusion therapy.

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Meet our team

There’s a reason PHS patients say our nurses feel like family. Each patient is assigned a dedicated pediatric specialized IV nurse focused on managing their care and understanding the family’s unique needs and goals.

We work directly with our on-site pharmacy team – experts trained in delivering medication safely even in the tiniest of doses.