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Mental Health

Mental health therapy – to help heal all the hurts

At PHS, we believe in taking care of the whole child and family. Our clinical social worker offers various forms of therapies and counseling in our Minneapolis, MN office to help children and families address and cope with past or current issues.

See how mental health counseling services benefit our families.

Here at PHS we don’t just focus on the physical health of the child, but our comprehensive services also support patient’s mental well-being. PHS mental health counseling options are tailored to fit the needs of each individual child, teen or adult with counseling options such as play therapy, individual therapy and group therapy for siblings of medically complex patients. We provide support for medical trauma, anxiety, depression, social issues, loss and grief, abuse, divorce, anger management and much more.


Adolescents and adults may also struggle expressing themselves, managing anxiety or depression or working through experiences associated with living with a child who has medical complexities. PHS offers a one-on-one Individual Therapy at our office for adolescents or adults to help process concerns.


Play Therapy
Children often have a hard time processing and expressing concerns or frustrations that arise from situations they experience. With the help of our clinical social worker, pediatric patients can use toys as words to express themselves through child-led play. Children receiving play therapy come to PHS for weekly or bi-weekly 1-hour appointments. This therapy is best for children ages 2-10.

Sibling Support
Sibling Support provides a safe place where a small group of 6 siblings of medically complex patients can process their thoughts, work through their feelings and express themselves. Siblings ages 6-11 years old able to commit to a 12-week program are best for this group therapy. Find more details and get started.

We have immediate openings to serve existing or new patients. Call 651-642-1825 to schedule.

Therapy services can help people learn to:

  • Adjust to incident or limitations
  • Manage anxiety
  • Prepare for upcoming procedures and treatments
  • Manage and resolve feelings of guilt
  • Resolve past trauma
  • Build self-esteem/self-concept
  • Work through grief and loss

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