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With Skilled Nursing Visits from PHS, Babies – and Their Moms – Are Covered.

Skilled nursing visits for women with high-risk pregnancies, C-sections, and premature infants.

Mother and baby health are top priority during the postpartum period – and PHS is here to make sure they’re taken care of from the comfort of home following hospital discharge.
When a visit is needed, a PHS representative coordinates a nursing visit to a new mom’s home to check on mom’s and baby’s health, answer questions about health concerns or infant care, and, if needed, arrange ongoing support through community services.

During the Home Visit, a Registered Nurse:

  • Assesses overall health of mom and baby
  • Checks the newborn’s weight, feeding, and remove cord clamp (if needed)
  • Evaluates mom’s vital signs, fundus, lochia and incisions
  • Performs any lab services as ordered by physician, including bilirubin levels
  • Answers questions and gives support about breast or bottle feeding
  • Checks c-section incision and changes bandages
  • Provides education on wound care

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