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Unparalleled care

for children with medical complexities.

PHS Recall & Backorder Response
Information on recalls & backorders impacting supplies and equipment

Home Care

Pediatric Home Service (PHS) wants families to be together at home. That’s why we have a comprehensive care model that covers all of your needs. Our services include Respiratory & Equipment, Enteral NutritionInfusion Nursing & Pharmacy, Home Care/Private Duty Nursing, and more. Our goal is to help kids with medical complexities live as fully as possible – at home, with their families.

ENFit changes to enteral connectors

ENFit Changes to
Enteral Connectors

Click here to learn more about the changes happening to enteral connectors, and resources for an easier transition.

Ventilation Basics
Online Course

Learn to care for invasive and noninvasive ventilator patients and earn 1.5 CEs

Farrell Valve bag in use with food pump feeding

Tips &
How-To Videos

Videos to support caregivers at home.

Tracking Progress

To show and celebrate how PHS kids excel at home, we track data and make it available for anyone to view.

Giving Back

We donate time, money and resources to support efforts that help children with special needs succeed.

A Pediatric Center of Excellence

At PHS, we focus on making a difference in the life of every family by offering unparalleled care for children with medical complexities.