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Home care nursing – hospital quality care

When you bring your child home from the hospital, PHS comes with you. In fact, we’re usually already there, with all the equipment and support you need to ensure your child gets the best possible care and highest level of comfort.

Comprehensive care in your home

PHS’s licensed, trained nurses are available 24/7 to provide integrated care for children in the comfort and convenience of their homes. Offering pediatric home health nursing is another way PHS helps families experience the simple joys of being together.

Our home care nurses are supported by the full comprehensive services PHS offers, from infusion therapy and respiratory therapy to feeding support. We’re there when you need us, and just as importantly, we understand the challenges of having a non-family member in your home. Our nurses are trained to respect family boundaries, and adjust to the dynamics of every home.

Receive all of your services from one provider, learn what else PHS can provide you in your home here.

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