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Caring to the Core


What we believe drives how we care.

Our mission, vision, and core values represent more than just words – they are the foundation that dictates how we improve the lives of our patients every day.

As a company built on the belief that children should be able to receive care at home, where they can be surrounded by family and in their community, each member of this passionate team is guided by the principles that are ingrained into every decision and action made at Pediatric Home Service.


We make a difference in the life of every family we serve by taking care of the child® and helping them thrive at home.


As a pediatric center of excellence (PCoE), we improve the quality of life for children and access to care in a manner that is family & patient centered, customer service driven, clinically excellent, innovative, technologically advanced, ethically sound, sustainable, and community responsive.

PHS is a Pediatric Center of Excellence


Excellence: Reach peak performance by setting high standards, taking initiative, and leading by example.

Compassion: See into the heart and selflessly respond to the needs of others.

Community: Open the door to a culture of teamwork by respecting one another.

Integrity: Build a foundation of moral and ethical consistency.