Enteral Nutrition

Nutrition for healthy, happy kids

We help kids thrive, and that means understanding how their nutritional needs change as they grow.

PHS registered dietitians* specialize in the complex care of pediatric patients, including partial or complete nutrition support. They work with PHS pharmacists, infusion nurses, home care nurses, and respiratory staff to provide optimal nutrition for PHS patients. This includes nutritional assessments and follow up, nutritional monitoring and intervention, and advice and assistance on everything from formula to feeding pumps.

Patients receiving feeding support from PHS may use a variety of equipment and supplies for nutrient delivery, including food pumps, gravity feeding bags, syringes, and IV lines for parenteral nutrition (PN).

*Due to the high volume of clients PHS serves, there are set criteria for clients that will be actively followed by a PHS dietitian.

Enteral Products

With the region’s largest supply of formula and supplements on-site, we have an inventory of over 150 standard, semi-elemental and elemental products.

Nutrition services

Communication coordination between families and medical teams about a child’s feeding support needs

  • Home visits (in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area) for children receiving nutrition support
  • Advice to improve a child’s tolerance of formula
  • Phone consults for nutrition-related questions or concerns
  • Written education materials on various nutrition topics
  • Specialized nutrition- assessments, monitoring, intervention and education designed exclusively for kids

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